Unfortunately, a number of training providers are letting students down through the delivery of short courses and not actually teaching content that participants completing the course need to know.

Thankfully, a number of these organisations are being shut down by the government regulator and we welcome this because we have a commitment to delivering quality training where participants learn the right skills. We believe that the knowledge and skills we impart on participants in our courses will enable them to save lives.

So how do you recognise the difference between a dodgy operator and good operator? 

We would suggest it’s about openness and transparency and being honest, upfront and contactable.

Thankfully you don’t have to take our word for it.

The Australian Skills and Qualifications Authority (ASQA) has developed a fact sheet to help you to be fully informed about your decision to enrol into a course with a training provider. This fact sheet can be found on the ASQA website.

In addition, a number of other key pieces of information should be available to you. This includes a documented student agreement that first aid course participants should read and understand before enrolling in a course.  The Allens Training student agreement can be found here

Training organisations should also have a complaints policy and provide first aid course participants access to methods of making a complaint. Organisations should also clearly outline the rights of students – here is a copy of ours.

We are confident that when you book into one of our first aid courses not only will you leave with the knowledge and skills - you will also have a good time. You can also be confident that any of our partners will maintain the same high standards due to our strict auditing regime.


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