When attending a first aid course, we all wonder how we would react in an emergency. The qualities of a first responder can mean the difference between life and death for those in need of our help.

Effective first aid is more than just technical skills. First aiders are required to face a variety of emergency situations and should be able to keep their ‘cool’ under pressure, so they can manage tasks while maintaining an awareness of the overall situation. An accident scene can be chaotic and uncontrolled; the first aider’s calmness and effective communication provide reassurance to victims and to other first aiders.

A key skill of a first aider is being able to recognise someone who needs quick emergency help. In a complex emergency, it takes initiative to assess the situation and quickly come up with a plan. However, a first aider should also be able to recognise the limits of their skills and knowledge so they can judge when for further help is required, rather than trying to ‘go it alone’.

A first aider is taught to be able to provide first aid care until the paramedics arrive. Good practical training is necessary to allow the first aider to be able to assess hazards and provide first aid in a confident manner. It is also important to display kind and comforting behaviour to accident victims.

Attending a practical first aid course, such as the ones we deliver in our Birtinya First Aid Training Centre, trains you to be in a better position to react confidently when a crisis happens. You will walk away and feel confident that you now have the skills to assist, whatever the situation is.

Allens Training Sunshine Coast Provide First Aid courses aim to develop the personal qualities that can make you a great first aider by practicing scenarios based on real life incidents.

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