Australia’s population is concentrated in urban areas near the coast, with the highest concentration being in the south east of the country, stretching roughly from sunshine coast around to Adelaide. A similar concentration occupies a smaller area in the south west of the country in Western Australia. After travellers progress beyond Australia’s most heavily populated areas that comprise the ‘coastal fringe’, great spaces exist between the towns and the services, especially medical, that they provide. The key to successful travel in inland Australia, known as ‘the outback’, is to be prepared.

The Outback Australia Travel Guide lists seven deadly dangers of the outback, including snakes, spiders, crocodiles and falling off Uluru (as the result of a heart attack). However, as an outback traveller, you are more likely to suffer complaints such as cuts, grazes, burns (including sunburn), stings, bites, dehydration and driver fatigue. With some common sense and well thought out preparation, including equipping yourself with a first aid kit, you can avoid catastrophe and minimise the effects of the more common mishaps travellers experience in the outback.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads devotes one of their website’s Safety sections to Driving in the Outback. At the top of their list of what to pack in your vehicle as ‘Standard equipment for your outback trip’ is a first aid kit. Allens Training sells a variety of first aid kits, ranging from the small Survival first aid kit to the more comprehensive Workplace and Home first aid kit. The contents of Allens Training first aid kits include items required for dealing with a number of medical emergencies. Many of the items coincide with those that the MyDr website suggests to include in your medical kit when travelling.  Also available from Allens training are Instant Ice Packs, resuscitation masks, and Snake and Funnel Web Spider Bite first aid kits. A set of free first aid charts from Allens Training Sunshine Coast would be a handy inclusion in your traveller’s medical kit as well.

Australians like to travel beyond their own country, too. This can pose a different set of issues, depending on the destination and activities engaged in. However, swimming pool accidents, sporting injuries, food poisoning and car accidents are among the top overseas travel mishaps. You may not want to take a first aid kit overseas with you, but part of your preparation for travel, domestic or international, could be attending a Provide First Aid course with Allens Training Sunshine Coast. The Provide First Aid course, which includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, will equip you to assess an emergency situation, and to administer first aid in a variety of scenarios, including accidents and injuries that may require using the contents of your first aid kit.

First aid kits can be purchased through Allens Online Store or by phoning 07 5438 8888

Provide First Aid courses are run at our Birtinya training centre and at premises in Noosa.

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