Attending a first aid course with Allens Training  on the Sunshine Coast is the first step towards learning what to do in case of an emergency. When driving around the Sunshine Coast you may be the first on the scene if a car accident occurs. Would you know what to do and the steps you can take to possibly save a life?
Responding correctly in an emergency can certainly make the difference. Unfortunately however, we may forget what to do in these situations which is where our handy pocket sized reference tool - Simply First Aid - should be at your finger tips.
This full colour First Aid manual is an ideal pocket guide because of its size for first aid kits, cars and motorcycles. Included in its 63-pages is an injury report for you to complete, should an incident occur.

This manual is designed for Australian conditions and contains clear and simple first aid advice and techniques for any emergency. With your copy of Simply First Aid, as well as the relevant first aid training and a well-stocked first aid kit, you will be able to confidently perform first aid in any situation.
Know what to do in an emergency with this handy reference guide
The signs and symptoms of over 50 first aid common type situations, and the first aid treatments required
Easy to follow with clear images

With every First Aid Course booked with on the Sunshine Coast  you will receive two of our First Aid Manuals. One for the home or office, and the other is our pocket guide for storing in your car, first aid kit or motorcycle.

Keep your First Aid manual handy as it could be a life saver.


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