Speeding: According to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, during 2014, there were 65 fatalities as a result of speed-related crashes. As well as this, hundreds more people every year are injured in speed related crashes.

We know that this time of year is busy and people need to be places but please can we ask that you just slow down on the roads.  Make sure you are driving the speed limit and also to the weather conditions.

Please slow down and don’t speed. The faster you drive or ride, the greater your risk of a crash

Driving tired: At this time of year we are all tired. You’ve come to the end of another bust year and hopefully you have a break to recoup.

Did you know that in Queensland, between 2008 and 2013, more than 15% of fatalities were identified as being fatigue-related crashes. Being tired and driving can be just as dangerous as drink driving.

When you are tired and driving the risk of being involved in a crash where someone is injured or killed is increased.  Take time to rest and if you’re driving long distances stop for breaks regularly.

Drink driving: The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads in 2013, state drink driving accounted for 64 fatalities on Queensland roads – close to a quarter of all fatalities. We all know that we shouldn’t drink drive but this time of year brings lots of celebrations with family and friends. Don’t be tempted to drink and drive. Drinking alcohol reduces your ability to drive safely and it is not just your safety on the road but you also need to consider other people you may be placing at risk.

Driver distraction: Make sure you stay focused when driving. Don’t use a mobile phone and stay focused on driving. Research shows that using a mobile phone while driving can be as risky as drink driving.

First Aid Kits: A handy First Aid related tip is to keep a First Aid Kit handy in the car. That way it will always be on hand should anything happen on the roads or to your family while on holidays. 

From the team at Allens Training on the Sunshine Coast please stay safe on the roads over this festive season – wear your seatbelt, don’t drink and drive, don’t speed and stay focussed.

Our Sunshine Coast office and Training Centre is closed for the Christmas and New Year period. We reopen on Monday 4th January at 8.30am so please come and see us at this time.

If the matter is urgent you can email us at sunshinecoast@allenstraining.com.au.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year.


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