Snake sightings in Australia have been on the rise since the beginning of Spring. The reptiles are most active during the warmer months and brings a timely reminder to be up to date with your first aid training, especially knowing how to correctly treat snake bites. Quick administration of first aid has proven to save people’s lives.

In Australia all snakes you are likely to encounter during spring and summer months can be dangerous, and the best way to steer clear of any bites, is to avoid known areas for snakes. Places such as coastal forest and dry and rocky landscapes are prominent snake environments. Appropriate attire, such as long pants and boots thick enough that a snake’s fangs cannot penetrate will help prevent any bites while venturing into this terrain.

If you suspect you have been bitten by a snake and feel symptoms such as nausea, headaches, inability to breathe normally or are feeling lethargic and faint, follow our guide below on how to treat the snake bite.

What to do when a person is bitten by a snake (also effective for funnel web spider bites):

  • Call 000 Emergency Services, Ambulance
  • Lay the casualty down and stop them from moving
  • Apply pressure to the bite
  • Apply a broad pressure bandage over the bite as firm as for a sprained ankle
  • Apply a pressure bandage
  • Start at the fingers or toes of the bitten limb
  • Continue upward covering as much of the limb as possible
  • Splint the limb including joints on either side of the bite to restrict movement of the limb
  • Keep the casualty from moving 

You can download our free chart HERE. And we sell snake bit first aid kits and the snake bite indicator bandage too.

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