Next time you come to a course with Allens Training Sunshine Coast at our Birtinya Training Centre, check out our range of merchandise for sale.

One of the most popular items for purchase is the conforming bandage for use when applying the Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT). The PIT is used for first aid treatment for severe envenomation resulting from snake bite and funnel web spider bite.

In our HLTAID003 Provide first Aid training, Allens Training Sunshine Coast demonstrates first aid treatment for snake bite or funnel web spider bite using a PIT bandage marked with indicators that show when the bandage has been applied with the correct tension.

In its unstretched state, the marks on the bandage appear as rectangles.

However, in its stretched state, and when applied with the correct tension, the marks appear as squares.


Allens Training Sunshine Coast has this bandage for sale at our Birtinya training centre, and it can also be purchased online from our Allens Training shop at

Treatment for snake bite

Ensure the safety of everyone.

Call the ambulance on triple zero (000).

Treat immediately:

·         Immobilisation – keep the person still and as calm as possible to slow the spread of the venom.

·         Pressure – apply firm pressure on the bite. For bites on limbs, apply pressure bandages, and splint the limb to restrict movement; make the bite site on the bandage (this helps the paramedics and doctors). If the bite is not on a limb, apply firm direct pressure on the bite site.

·         If cardiac arrest occurs, provide cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

·         Record as much information as you can – time of the bite, description of the snake, time the bandage was applied.

Allens Training Sunshine Coast also has snake bite first aid kits for sale in our Birtinya Training Centre. The kits contain a premium conforming bandage with indicators (as previously described), a second conforming bandage, and a triangular bandage, all packaged in a box printed with illustrated instructions on how to apply the bandages for PIT first aid treatment. The kits are attractively priced at $20.00 and are a great resource to buy, put in your car or with the rest of your first aid supplies, and hopefully never have to use.

For people who cannot make it to the training centre, the snake bite first aid kits can be purchased online at

We also have available a downloadable online resource that contains information on what to do if someone you know is bitten by a snake or spider. It’s free to download the illustrated chart, or to access online any time you need at

Please remember to never try and pick up or move a snake.

Other first aid supplies for sale in our Sunshine Coast office are:

·         first aid kits for home, car or workplace

·         pocket resuscitation masks in a hard case

·         instant ice packs

·         reusable hot/cold packs

·         blue detectable bandaids.

To shop online, please visit the Allens Online Store at

Allens Training first aid and CPR courses can be booked by calling our Sunshine Coast office on 5438 8888 or by booking online via our secure website


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