Allens Training has just released a new improved Simply First Aid reference guide.

We wanted to create the ‘ideal’ first aid resource that makes it easy for everyone to use and understand - promoting quick access to first aid treatment information if required in a first aid incident or emergency.

So, what has changed?

The layout has changed from portrait (vertical) to landscape (horizontal). This allows for better viewing, especially in a 2 page spread.

The content has been simplified which reduces the reading time, whilst still ensuring the important messages are conveyed. We achieved this by using a number of infographics.

Infographics are visual representations of information in a graphic form e.g. chart or diagram. In a broad sense, infographics condense larger amounts of information into a form where it will be more easily absorbed by the reader, making them suitable for all levels of language, numeracy and literacy.

What has remained the same?

The manual still uses the colour coded banner at the side of the page to indicate the section, also assisting with quick access to a topic.

Incorporating feedback from our trainers, experts and the National Allens Team, with innovative graphic design, the Simply First Aid manual is excellent for the classroom and also the perfect quick reference guide in a first aid situation.

Please get in touch with our Sunshine Coast office if you would like a copy of Simply First Aid.


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