On Monday 16 April 2018, Allens Training will deliver a Course in 10685NAT Safe Handling of Sharps and Infectious Waste at our Birtinya Training Centre on the Sunshine Coast. This course is open to the public, and you can secure your spot in the course by phoning 07 5438 8888.


Allens Training developed and delivers the nationally recognised 10685NAT Course in Safe Handling of Sharps and Infectious Waste. This course has been designed for participants such as council rangers, parks and city service officers, domestic and commercial cleaners, medical staff and first aid officers, and waste and recycling collection and processing staff. 

This unit describes the outcomes that will provide vital skills and knowledge on how to recognise sharps, evaluate risks and implement control measures to facilitate the safe removal of sharps and other material that may be contaminated with blood and body fluids.

Furthermore, we have previously delivered this course to a number of tow truck businesses across Queensland. Feedback we received from these businesses is that they: 

  • would like their own staff to be trained in this so that they don’t have to outsource this type of work
  • need this training for insurance purposes and to meet RACQ requirements
  • want to ensure the safety of their staff.

Who needs this certificate?

This certificate will assist all staff involved in the handling of infectious waste and sharps, and all staff who are aware, or who need to be aware, of the requirement to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

This course is intended to provide participants with a range of knowledge, skills, and generic and specific competencies to assist in safely performing the following job role(s):

  • Council rangers
  • Parks and city service officers
  • Domestic and commercial cleaners
  • Medical staff and first aid officers (remote areas e.g. mine sites)
  • Waste and recycling collection and processing staff.

Knowing what to do in the first few minutes following a sharps injury or contact with contaminated material and, importantly, implementing control measures, can make all the difference in reducing risks and hazards.

In the community setting, a needle stick injury is rare and usually arises from the accidental puncturing of the skin by a syringe needle left in places such as parks, playgrounds, laneways or public toilets. However, for people who encounter sharps and contaminated materials hazards in the course of their work, the risks are not so rare. Knowing what to do, and how to do it, become crucial for their work health and safety.

One of the ways to reduce risk is to regularly undertake safety refresher courses. With this in mind, Allens Training Sunshine Coast has scheduled a 10685NAT Course in Safe Handling of Sharps and Infectious Waste for Monday 16 April 2018, starting at 8.30am at our Birtinya training centre – 8/10 Capital Place, Birtinya Qld 4575.


Assessment at the end of the course is to show the instructor that you can recognise sharps and infectious waste, and that you have an appropriate understanding of the precautions and procedures necessary to manage a situation where sharps and infectious waste need to be safely removed and contained.

This will consist of a theory assessment and practical demonstrations.

What will I gain?

At the successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a nationally recognised statement of attainment.

How much is the course?

$130.00 per participant.

Course duration

Six hours face-to-face training

How do I book?

To arrange a booking, or for more information, please phone 07 5438 8888.


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