Here are some tips to keep the kids safe...

School zones: 40 Km/h school zones are back in force around the Sunshine Coast and despite the heavy fines, they are not in place to raise revenue. The zones are there to make you slow down because young children are prone to running out from behind parked cars. Many of the school zones on the Sunshine Coast are well signed and have flashing lights.

School drop-offs and pick-ups: The no parking signs are there for a reason, usually to prevent people parking near pedestrian crossings. Even though it may be more convenient to park closer to the school it is important to use the designated parking bays.

Asthma and Anaphylaxis: On the first day of school please advise the teacher of your child’s needs and check the new teacher has a copy of your child’s action plan and access to asthma medication and EpiPen etc. Please consider other children when packing lunches as kids will swap food. Nuts and other products can have serious consequences for children.  

Helmets: Even though a lot of people on the Sunshine Coast refuse to wear bicycle helmets, please ensure your kids to wear helmets when they ride to school.

Contact details: If you have changed phone numbers, moved house or have a new job, please inform the school of any new contact details so that you can be contacted immediately in the case of an emergency or sickness.

How to tell if your child is faking illness to get a day off school: Ask mum – she can always tell.

The number one tip: One of the BEST First Aid tip to remedy most bumps and bruises is the good old fashioned cuddle from mum, dad or another carer. They tend to cure most things, including those first few weeks of school nerves. 

To be prepared in the event of an emergency book one of our Sunshine Coast First Aid Courses. Our courses are nationally recognised and delivered by excellent trainers, many of who are paramedics and nurses. To book a first aid course you can phone our Sunshine Coast office on 5438 8888 or online at


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