All over the Sunshine Coast, children will be heading to school on 23 January 2017. Some little ones will be attending for the first time, and for them, the hustle and bustle may seem a bit scary.

What can we do to ensure the safety of our children at and around schools?


The biggest contributors to traffic accidents and near misses around schools are high traffic volumes, dangerous driving, misuse of pick-up and drop-off zones, misuse of pedestrian crossings, and insufficient parking.

So – things we can do:

Slow down – obey the 40 Km/h speed limit in school zones. Many of the school zones on the Sunshine Coast are well signed and have flashing lights.

Be alert - young children are prone to running out from behind parked cars. Check all your mirrors and look in all directions before driving off, and drive off slowly.


·         Park only where parking is permitted – the No Parking signs are there for a reason, usually to prevent people parking on or near pedestrian crossings.

·         Even though it may be inconvenient, especially if you are running late, use the designated parking bays, or walk a little bit further.

Asthma and Anaphylaxis

On the first day of school, please advise the teacher of your child’s needs. If your child has a new teacher, check that a copy of your child’s action plan has been provided, and that there is access to asthma medication and EpiPen if required.

Please consider other children when packing lunches as kids will swap foods. Some nuts, especially peanuts, and other products can have serious consequences for some children.  


If your child cycles to and from school, ensure they wear a bicycle helmet, properly fitted and properly done up.

If you have changed phone numbers, moved house or have a new job, inform the school of any new contact details so that you can be contacted immediately in case of an emergency or sickness.

Make sure your CPR and first aid are up to date, so you are fully prepared for the unexpected: perhaps a mishap during sport, active play or while cycling; perhaps bites and stings from critters outdoors; or perhaps a childhood illness such as bronchitis or tonsillitis.

First Aid and CPR courses can be booked by visiting our website and booking online, or by calling our Sunshine Coast office on 5438 8888.

If you are a childcare centre or school looking for First Aid Training on the Sunshine Coast or surrounds, contact us for a free consultation. We offer HLTAID004 Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting regularly and can visit workplaces across the sunshine coast and deliver training on-site. To find out more about on-site workplace training and obtain a group quote please visit our website.


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