At many first aid courses, we commonly hear some hesitation from students about performing rescue breaths on a stranger. If a cardiac arrest occurs and if you, the rescuer, are unable or unwilling to perform rescue breaths, then we have a solution for you. 

When an adult person is alive and well, their average blood pressure is 120/80 (120mmhg/180mmhg). This is the pressure required to circulate blood and oxygen around the body.

In a cardiac arrest situation requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the blood pressure falls and stops.

We know when you have started your first set of chest compressions and counted out '30' that your Systolic Blood pressure at the first reading only rises to 20mmhg (normally 120mmhg) and collapses back to zero with each stoppage. It is therefore important to limit these stoppages, and to carry out continuous chest compressions until help arrives.

That’s why hard and fast is the new message for CPR compressions for those unable or unwilling to perform rescue breaths.

If the First Aider/Providers were empowered to start compressions, sustain compressions with a second rescuer, and move to AED prior to an Ambulance arrival, collectively more lives would be saved.

Early Access to Ambulance - Early & Uninterrupted Compressions - Early Defibrillation - Early Paramedic assistance – adds up to more lives saved.

In an emergency, the ambulance dispatcher will advise you to 'Place 2 hands on the centre of chest and do 400 compressions' and to 'count loud so I can monitor your speed'. Never, throughout the process, is the airway checked/cleared or opened! No breaths prior to Ambulance arrival at all, unless there are other first responders there to assist you.

Our objective while waiting for the paramedics to arrive is to maintain effective brain blood flow.

More lives can be saved if you choose to help, and carry out compressions-only CPR in an emergency.

However, be aware that there are great benefits of rescue breathing in paediatric resuscitation and drowning emergencies.

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