Spending time outdoors, either for work or recreation, can expose you to a range of unpredictable first aid emergencies.

Having the right first aid kit ensures you are as well-equipped as possible to deal with such emergencies. And attending a Provide First Aid course will equip you with the knowledge to make the best possible use of the contents of your fist aid kit.

At their Sunshine Coast training centre in Kawana, Allens Training sells a range of first aid kits designed for home or workplace. Shop 8, 10 Capital Place, Birtinya Qld 4575 is also where you can attend first aid and CPR courses.

Sunshine Coast has more than its share of hazardous creatures – snakes, spiders, sea creatures, ticks, and even birds when the magpies are swooping. Add to that, accidents that can happen when hiking, cycling, swimming, surfing, gardening, in fact just about any activity that is undertaken outdoors, including cooking on the barbecue, and you can see why having a good first aid kit and knowing how to use it is a good idea.

At Allens Training Sunshine Coast, we sell competitively priced first aid kits that suit home requirements for your household or car. Also available are larger sized first aid kits that suit your workplace with up to 25 employees, or up to 50 employees if you go for the bigger size. Standard contents include, but are not limited to, burn gel, gauze swabs, a variety of wound dressings and bandages in different sizes, eye wash, CPR face shield, gloves, tape, scissors, forceps, and safety pins.

The Allens Training snake and funnel web spider bite first aid kit includes in it contents the latest Premium snake bite bandage. The markings on bandage show you when you have the pressure just right when using the pressure immobilisation technique (PIT) to treat snake and funnel web spider bite. The pressure immobilisation technique is one of the many subjects covered in the Provide First Aid courses run by Allens Training Sunshine Coast.

Summer holidays especially are times of great exposure to outdoor hazards that can cause accidents, and exposure to creatures that can bite and sting. First aid courses cover signs and symptoms of bites and stings, and the appropriate treatments. Hands-on practical scenarios give course participants the opportunity to practise using the contents of training first aid kits, including using the pressure immobilisation technique with a Premium snake bite bandage or other compression bandage.

First aid courses also cover topics such as burns, which can result from accidents around the barbecue and dining outdoors, or from severe sunburn. Signs, symptoms and treatment are covered in the first aid training. Other heat-related topics covered in first aid training include hyperthermia, or overheating of the body, which occurs when the body’s heat-regulating mechanisms don’t work effectively. This can result from heat exposure and dehydration during outdoor activities, especially during heat wave conditions. And every summer in Australia, popular holiday destinations such as the Sunshine Coast experience at least one heat wave.

Another important topic covered in first aid courses at Allens Training on the Sunshine Coast is anaphylaxis, or severe allergic reaction. Common triggers for anaphylaxis include insect venom, frequently bee stings, wasp stings, ant bites, and sometimes ticks. Foods can also trigger anaphylaxis; for example, nuts, eggs, soy, shellfish. Our outdoor lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast can expose sensitive individuals to these hazards.

Despite the risks, the outdoors can be fully enjoyed, especially in summer when the days are longer and the beaches on the Sunshine Coast are beckoning. The best treatment is always prevention, so get your self a good first aid kit, and book in to a first aid course with Allens Training.

Provide First Aid courses are run regularly at our Birtinya training centre. To book into your next first aid course please book online via our secure website or phone 07 5438 8888.


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