Many people find the contents of women’s handbags to be a source of mystery, amusement and myth. For stand-up comedians, the contents women’s handbags are an enduring source of jokes. Humorous German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann once created an ‘art’ exhibition that displayed the contents of half a dozen women’s bags. And the general population accepts the continuing myth that you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her handbag.

However, jokes aside, many women, especially women with children, carry a collection of items in case of emergencies. And for these women, their handbag can function as a mini first aid kit containing bandaids, hand sanitiser, sunscreen, eye drops, lip balm, antiseptic cream, Panadol, wipes, tissues, and maybe even antihistamines, an asthma inhaler, and EpiPen for known severe allergies.

One enterprising website suggests a Swiss Army knife is the best tool to keep in a handbag because of its many functions, and recommends that a basic model should include toothpick, tweezers, scissors, and nail file. A traveller’s sewing kit can also augment the emergency contents of a handbag. The sewing kit usually contains scissors, safety pins, and needle and thread.

Some first aid kit providers sell special mini kits that can be carried easily and would fit in a large handbag. These kits generally weigh less than a kilogram, and have dimensions around 180mm x 80mm x 145mm (about the size of a half-dozen egg carton) containing around 20 items. The recommended contents include, but are not limited to, disposable gloves, a triangular bandage, a conforming bandage, antiseptic wipes, non-stick wound dressings, hypoallergenic tape, CPR mask and valve, gauze swabs, scissors, tweezers, safety pins, plastic adhesive strips (bandaids), CPR card, and a first aid booklet. These items are readily available, so it is easy to make up your own kit in a size that suits your needs.

Allens Training Sunshine Coast training premises in Birtinya (Kawana) includes a retail outlet that sells a variety of first aid kits for home and office, including the popular Allens Training small softpack green. We also sell items for replenishing first aid kit contents that have been used or have passed their use by date – see previous blog about expiry dates.

We also have on online shop where you can purchase a range of first aid supplies and we can ship these anywhere in Australia, and more locally including, Caloundra, Noosa, Coolum, Mooloolaba, Maleny, Caboolture or anywhere across the Sunshine Coast.


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