Think about Tradies and their health this month – August is Tradies National Health Month

August is Tradies National Health Month, sponsored by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (ASA).

This month is about raising awareness of the health risks experienced by those who work in trade occupations. Although there have been significant improvements in accident statistics in recent years, Australia’s construction industry, where many tradies are employed, still has a consistently higher rate of work-related injury and illness than is found in other industries.

Safe Work Australia quotes figures that indicate the most common work-related injuries in the construction industry are cuts and open wounds, sprains and strains, and chronic joint or muscle conditions. The main causes of these injuries are hitting or being hit by an object, lifting, pushing or pulling objects, and falls from a height.

Higher rates of work-related injury and illness in the construction industry are in part due to hazards inherent in the nature of the work. However, much can still be done, especially in the area of work health and safety training, where construction employers appear to be lagging behind other employers in the amount of health and safety training provided to their workers.

Tradies National Health Month provides ways for tradies, employers and physiotherapists to become involved in raising awareness of health issues in trade occupations. Together, they can to look at ways to reduce the risks of experiencing workplace injury or illness.

 Physiotherapists are an important part of ongoing management of injuries involving joints and muscles. From musculoskeletal care, physiotherapists can extend their support to chronic health issues such as heart disease and diabetes, which can also be impacted by workplace injuries and illness. Physios play a key role in getting people back to work quickly after injury or illness, preventing further injury, and helping reduce common health and safety problems.

Construction sites are busy places. Many tradies work side-by-side and close to heavy vehicles and other mechanical equipment. In this environment, it is crucial to consult, cooperate and coordinate to ensure the health and safety of everyone on site. An essential qualification to work on a construction site is the CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely in the Construction Industry certificate, or white card as it is known. Allens Training offers this nationally recognised qualification online, and after course completion, the white card is issued, and is valid in all Australian states and Territories.

Allens Training recently launched our new online white card training program with an introductory price of $29. The new course is fast, inexpensive, and has been developed in line with the latest VET sector research that shows adult learners in the construction sector learn better with online video content, rather than heaps of reading material.  If you need a white card you can start this course now here -

Many construction jobs also require a current first aid certificate. To schedule your next Sunshine Coast Provide First Aid or CPR training course, please book online via our secure website, or phone 07 5438 8888.

Allens Training on the Sunshine Coast offer practical, fun and hands on first aid and CPR courses. 


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