Allens Training Pty Ltd (RTO90909) is a large private registered training organisation delivering great training to the Sunshine Coast and surrounds.

We take the time to work with you to understand your business and workplace requirements so we can better tailor training to reflect realistic emergencies in your workplace. Every day we are helping local businesses ensure they are meeting their first aid regulatory obligations.

If your workplace has not assessed their requirements when it comes to first aid, it should do so now. A first aid risk assessment should be conducted by the relevant areas to assess the first aid resources required for the workplace (i.e. number of first aid officers, first aid kits, first aid facilities.).

The assessment should consider the different types of likely first aid scenarios, the number of people affected, and the types of first aid measures required. To get you started, here are some points to consider:

  • the nature and type of workplace (office environment vs outdoors environment)
  • the makeup of your workforce (age, demographics)
  • if you have employees with any known or pre-existing medical conditions
  • the number of employees working in your workplace
  • if your workplace open to the public
  • the operational hours of your business.

According to Safe Work Australia, as a rule of thumb there should be one first aider for every:

  • 50 workers in low-risk workplaces (an office)
  • 25 workers in high-risk workplaces (a construction site).

A trained first aider will need to hold a nationally recognised statement of attainment from a registered training organisation. Holding a HLTAID003 Provide First Aid certificate and having the skills and knowledge to treat someone immediately until further help arrives are the minimum requirements for a first aid officer.

Allens First Aid, in line with Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines, recommends that that first aid skills are renewed at least every three years, and CPR skills every 12 months.

Allens First Aid offers this course three to four times every week in our Birtinya Training Centre. We also visit workplaces and conduct training at a time and location that is convenient for you.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out about our onsite group first aid training and how we can help you.

We also sell a range of first aid kits and equipment to help you meet your first aid requirements. Visit our online shop to see the range we offer.

Our clients receive ongoing support, including managing qualification renewals, and the option to receive debriefing services following major first aid incidents in the workplace. 

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